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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Fluffy Puppy Designs: Version 1.0

i'm baaaaaaaaaack! Ok so i've been really slack and have not updated this blog in a long time... but i've been working on a mixture of stuff!

I have updated the look of my blog... actually it's less of an update and more like a compleate makeover! i'm learning how to do html all over again and so much has changed since i wrote my first html code (just a 'hello' in the middle of a page with a dark green forest image background) about 7 years ago. Now there are all these CSS and layers...etc So it has taken me awhile... like the whole weekend plus a weekday night to polish up this template.

Everything looked so easy when i drew it out on paper and illustrator... but my god was it a mess when i tried to put this together. phew. so now that it's all over, i'd like to introduce the new Fluffy Puppy Designs: Version 1.0.

Keep a look out on the left... I'll be displaying some of my work soon :)
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